Spotify: Platinum Plan (10.000 Plays | +120.000 users) + 2.000 Real Followers

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Get your track and profile/playlist promoted and make your Spotify audience grow.
Spotify Platinum Plan
– Total audience: +120.000 active users
– Streams guaranteed: 10.000 (at least)
Spotify Profile Growth

Smash Music Sharing can not know the exact amount of plays on the track if they are less than a thousand (ex. Track current amount < 1.000 - only the track owner can know the exact amount), therefore you should upload a screenshot about the statistics of your track from your Spotify Artist dashboard.

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    Spotify Plays and Followers

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    Are you looking for a high quality Spotify promotion? By getting your track featured in one or more active playlists you can reach more listeners, increasing your visibility and popularity.


    Quality is guaranteed! All the plays are royalty eligible and completely safe and guaranteed to remain permanently. We get your music heard by real music listeners by adding it inside reputable playlists (1 or more basing on the plan). We don’t use to communicate the playlist/s in which your track will be added to. You can check everything from your Spotify Artist dashboard.


    All the followers we deliver are 100% real since they all come from follow-to-download gates, currently the only way to get real followers. What is a follow-to-download gate (or Fan Gate)? It is a system that requires users to voluntarily perform actions such us downloading tracks and consequently follow your profile because it was added to that system. So for instance, if “User A” downloads a specific track through our fan gate, it will also follow your profile.


    Estimated timing → Up to 72h to start it and usually up to some days to finish it (from the moment it starts)

    What’s included → Spotify Platinum Plan + Followers Growth

    What’s guaranteed → Repost to +120.000 users and 10.000 plays guaranteed + 2.000 followers


    Example of used playlists → BounceMakers || Trusted Radio, Discover Weekly, New Hits and many more.

    Some promoted profiles/playlists → EDM Electro | Smash Selecta, Pop n’ Dance, Trap Hip-Hop and many more.

    CalebDJ Producer
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    After trialing a number of promotion services I found Smash Music Sharing to be the most effective, easy to use and cost efficient by far. Their professional customer services ranks them far above the competition.
    Giuseppe D.
    Giuseppe D.DJ Producer
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    Really satisfied with this service, my track has reached great results thanks to it. Many thanks Smash!
    Alexander DJ Kylla
    Alexander DJ KyllaDJ Producer
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    Excellent service! Real and organic growth and I got more than what was expected. Highly recommended!
    Coen M.
    Coen M.DJ Producer
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    Super service! I was very satisfied! Real people engaged with my music and me through this promotion. I gain a lot of new fans and music lovers as well as other different musicians I can collaborate with. Using other services I was disapointed because they offered all the similar things, but the difference was that all my followers was fake, so I had to go through all of them and block them one by one after I noticed they was inactive robots. This is the only service I’ve found that I am truely satisfied with.


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