Soundcloud: Starter Plan + 500 Followers

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Get your track and profile promoted and make your Soundcloud audience grow.
Soundcloud Starter Plan
– Total audience: +550.000 active followers
– Plays guaranteed: 2.000 (at least)
Soundcloud Profile Growth

Only single track link, we can't promote playlists.

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    Souncloud Plays and Followers

    Get promoted through our promotion bundle

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    Our network, built over years in the world of music promotion, is composed of many high-rated promotion profiles followed by million of users. Thanks to it, we are able to repost tracks to a huge audience, making them reach organic streams and real involvement.


    Your track will be reposted through part of our Soundcloud profiles in different moments of the day in order to exploit at the most all the potential of our fan base which is composed by people from all around the world in the different time zones.


    All the followers we deliver are 100% real since they all come from follow-to-download gates, currently the only way to get real followers. What is a follow-to-download gate (or Fan Gate)? It is a system that requires users to voluntarily perform actions such us downloading tracks and consequently follow your profile because it was added to that system. So for instance, if “User A” downloads a specific track through our fan gate, it will also follow your profile.


    Estimated timing → Up to 72h to start it and up to 2-5 days to finish it (from the moment it starts)

    What’s included → Soundcloud Starter Plan + Followers Growth

    What’s guaranteed → Repost to +550.000 users and 2.000 plays guaranteed + 500 followers


    Repost Channels List → LoudZone Music, TVYN Repost, The Vibe You Need, LoudZone Records, Melbourne Smash, Acapella Smash, Repost Smash, Electro Smash, Groove Smash, Festival Smash, Sample Smash, Amazing Smash, Mega Smash, Tomorrow Smash, Promo Smash, Ultra Smash, Provider Network, Festival Provider, Bootleg Provider, Melbourne Provider, House Provider, Future Provider, Repost Provider, Sound Provider.

    LEKSDJ Producer
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    Super service! I was very satisfied! Real people engaged with my music and me through this promotion. I gain a lot of new fans and music lovers as well as other different musicians I can collaborate with. Using other services I was disapointed because they offered all the similar things, but the difference was that all my followers was fake, so I had to go through all of them and block them one by one after I noticed they was inactive robots. This is the only service I’ve found that I am truely satisfied with.
    SethDJ Producer
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    This is a very good promotion the team is proffessional with a great customers services , the price is affordable and they delivered me even more fan that what i paid for , very nice .


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