Professional Mastering Service

What we are going to make on your un-mastered track:
1. We make highs more shiny and fresh;
2. We make lows more deep and fat;
3. We optimize your tracks stereo width;
4. We ensure that there are no phase problems;
5. We make the track loud as commercial tracks without causing distortion.

So, at the end of our process you will have in your hands a track that has all the fundamental characteristics of the most popular tracks you can hear into the most famous online music stores.

Here you can listen some examples of tracks before and after our Professional Mastering Service Process:

Ween you send us your request, your un-mastered track need to respect this points for have the best result from our Mastering Process:

1. Track must have at least -6 db on the master bus.
This means that the loudest part of your track cannot peak above negative 6 db in volume.

2. Track must be in WAV.
We require this in order to maintain your songs maximum quality.

3. Tracks cannot have any Limiters or Compressors on the final master bus.
You can have limiters on individual instruments (kick, snare, etc.) just not on the final master bus/channel.

You will receive the Final Mastered Track in 24 hours from the acceptance of your request.

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